Camera flying for Hollywood blockbusters (top left); multi line power flying winch (top right); 1 tonne SWL winches for world touring band (bottom left);  zero fleet winch and zero fleet multi line pile wind winch (bottom); zero fleet technology (bottom right)


KB400 zero fleet multi line winch KB series                  more info...
Zero Fleet Multi Line Power Flying

Karris have teamed up with respected design engineer Mike Barnet MBE to produce an economical and easy to maintain winch solution. Designed to incorporate zero fleet technology, the KB series of winches can be mounted easily in any position without the concerns of fleet angle. As a result the KB winch offers a solution to all power flying requirements.

The KB series is available for 300-1000kg SWL with line numbers to suit your requirements. Silent brake optional for lifts required during show time. More economical brakes can be used where noise levels are less of a concern.

Various additional limits, load monitoring and fixing positions available dependant on your requirements.
12 of KB400 winches - Crucible Theatre, Sheffield Zero fleet technology

Eco winch-power assisted counterweight flying Eco winch-power assisted counterweight flying ECO Winch               more info...
Power Assisted Counterweight Flying

Designed by respected mechanical engineer Mike Barnet MBE in close collaboration with Karris, the ECO WINCH is an invaluable addition to all existing counterweight flying systems and an essential part of any refurbishment or new build.

The ECO WINCH eliminates the need to re-balance the counterweight system for each scenic load and mostly eliminates rope hauling and cradle loading thus saving time and money.

Raise a permanently half loaded cradle to lower an empty bar or raise a loaded bar
Increased level of safety by power assisting or REPLACING manual labour
Reduce show change over times and costs Allows stage level remote control stage cues
Eco winch-power assisted counterweight flying

Nylon pulleys Pulleys in mounting frames Pulleys                    more info...

At Karris we are happy to produce one off or large batches of high quality pulleys/sheaves in a variety of materials. Press fitted with bearings and internal spacer.

6 metre lighting bars Safety Curtains,        more info...
Trusses, Counterweight Cradle/Sets

We manufacture all associated parts to compliment our growing range of winches and hoists, including lighting bars, frames, c/weight cradles, guide units including brass shoes, scissor lifts and general machining and fabrication.